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Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

Unhoused Encampment Sweep Legal Observers Training-

The city has been escalating its violence against people experiencing homelessness, especially those living in encampments, in the city for several months. In response to the city’s illegal violence against our city’s unhoused residents, we are holding another Unhoused Encampment Sweep Legal Observation Training. Join us this Tuesday at 6pm at Parish Hall (2533 Columbus St) to learn best practices on how to monitor the police and other city agents who have been unlawfully dismantling and discarding unhoused people’s personal property throughout the city. This event will be hosted by the Louisiana National Lawyers Guild, New Orleans DSA, Renters Rights Assembly, Southern Solidarity, and Let Us Not Forget. All are welcome, however, we are specifically inviting individuals who would be available to volunteer for observation shifts on weekday mornings.